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Pampered Pooch

Posted June 17, 2010

If you’ve ever needed to leave your beloved pet with us, maybe for surgery or a day of hospitalization, you probably remember that it was difficult. Even though you know we’ll take care of your kiddos as though they were our own, it’s just plain tough letting them out of your sight for a whole day. Have you ever wondered what your pets do while they’re waiting for the doctor, or how they spend their time recovering from surgery? Of course, much of the time they’re being warm and cozy resting in their kennels, or fussed over by our medical staff. But occasionally, especially in the case of pocket-sized pets, they seem to require a little more adoration . . .

Such was the case when little April, the miniature poodle, came in for a dental cleaning. Her mom fawns over her and makes sure she’s dressed in the latest fashions, so she came in with a delightful little denim jacket with pink feathery trim. She looked like a tiny pink, white and blue confection. It turns out she was so irresistibly delicious that Lita, one of our Client Care Representatives, had no choice but to tote her around for most of the day. She eventually had to relinquish her to the care of our technicians and Dr. McCoy, but April had gotten so used to being pampered by Lita that she cried quite piteously when we tried to settle her comfortably in her kennel. What were we to do? Lita to the rescue! April was able to rest quite peacefully in her arms until her dad came to pick her up. She was so cozy and calm, in fact, that it didn’t even hamper Lita from answering phones and typing away on the computer!

So just remember April’s story next time you need to leave your pet with us. Maybe, just maybe, especially if they’re dressed in their Sunday best, we’ll give ‘em the April treatment!

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