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We believe declawing your cat should be the last alternative you consider to save your cat and your furniture.  Cats scratch. It’s what they do. We strongly encourage you to talk with us about some alternatives you should try first. These alternatives will require you to dedicate your time, money, and commitment to modifying your cat’s unwanted behaviors or protecting your favorite couch or chair. It will be work and effort on your part and we think you and your cat will be happier and satisfied you chose these alternatives instead:

  1. The first and best option is to trim your cat’s claws frequently, every two weeks. Dull claws will do less damage to furniture when your cat scratches.
  2. A second option is placing several sturdy, well-designed scratching posts in strategic locations next to your furniture to give your cat a correct place to scratch and rub.
  3. You can also buy replaceable slip covers that may be less appealing for your cat to scratch (surface material and textures) or are less expensive to replace.
  4. Softpaws are a temporary solution that cover your cat’s sharp, destructive claws with a soft, vinyl cap that does not destroy furniture. We recommend this approach as an immediate intervention to save your furniture and sanity while you consider other options. You cat will still scratch, they just won’t do any damage.
  5. Another option is storing water spray bottles around the house. You can discreetly spray your cat with water when they scratch.
  6. You can put aluminum foil on the sitting areas of your couch temporarily to discourage them from jumping up on unwanted places to sleep or scratch. They don’t like the sound and feel of aluminum foil.
  7. A final option is a spray called Feliway that appeals to a cat’s sense of smell. It teaches them to mark with the scent glands on their face instead of marking by claw.

We encourage you to use several of these options together or in different combinations. Our certified technicians and doctors would be happy to discuss a personalized plan for you in detail by phone or at your next annual exam visit.

We also recommend you click on this link declawing for more information and to learn why declawing should be the last resort.

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