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Don’t Give Your Dog Animal Bones to Chew

Posted April 20, 2010

STOP!  Don’t give your dog animal bones to chew on.  They can break your dog’s teeth and sometimes even their jawbone.   Meet “Bandit.”  A good natured, friendly dog that visited our hospital yesterday.  He was given a treat – a nice bone to chew on.  He chewed and chewed cause that’s what dogs do.  And then he bit down so hard on the bone, it became lodged in his mouth, stuck to his canine teeth.  ”Bandit” wasn’t too worried; however, his caretaker was really worried.

Bandit was rushed to our hospital, examined, and a decision was made to sedate him so the bone could be safely removed from his mouth without damaging his teeth and jaw.  ”Bandit” was a lucky dog!  The chew bone was broken into two parts and safely removed by Dr. Mallov.  Bandit’s caretaker learned the hard way what is safe to give as a chew toy and what is dangerous.   To learn more, go to our Good Chew Toys and Treats Page.

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